Below is a selection of potential destinations. These include some of the highest rated destination restaurants in the world, as well as many of the world's most unique or unusual locales, from a restaurant at the foot of a giant Philippine waterfall, to one at the summit of an active volcano.

The Rock – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Ayers Rock Restaurant, Australia

El Diabolo, Lanzarote, Spain 

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant – Maldives

Jules Verne Restaurant – Eiffel Tower, Paris

Da Pancrazio – Pompeii, Italy

Villa Escudero, Philipines

Ali Barbours Cave, Kenya

Kerni Snowcastle, Finland

El Celar De Can Roca – Girona, Spain

Ninja – Tribeca, NY

Safe House – Milwaulkee

Modern Toilet – Taipei

Cabages & Condoms- Bangkok

Fortezza Meditea – Volterra, Italy (prison)

Christon Café – Tokyo (church)

H.R. Giger bar – Gruyeres, Switzerland

Robot Restaurant – Tokyo

A380 in-flight restaurant – Taipei

The PanAm Experience - Los Angeles